On Demand Webinar: 5 Keys to Successful Additive Manufacturing Implementation

Prototypes are now faster, iterations are less painful, and impossible-to-make parts have become possible. But, successfully implementing additive manufacturing requires more than just the addition of 3D printers—it requires a new strategy for everything from hiring, to training, to designing.

While this sounds like a lot (and it is), don’t stress! We have the tools you need for a smooth implementation process. In this webcast, we will look at the Autodesk software programs that help industrial businesses move into the 3D printing and additive manufacturing space. In addition, we’ll give you strategies for choosing the right employees, as well as training and onboarding new and existing team members on updated workflows.

This webcast will give you the tools to: 

  • Incorporate Autodesk software programs, including AutoCAD, Inventor, and Fusion 360, into their additive manufacturing workflows
  • Identify which once-impossible parts can now be created with additive manufacturing technologies
  • Learn how to extend existing in-house capabilities
  • Find out how to support production with additive manufacturing
  • Save money and resources with additive manufacturing prototypes, investment casting, and paperless parts
  • Identify new hires and existing employees who have the core competencies and required skills for an additive manufacturing workflow
  • Train and upskill employees to meet your additive manufacturing needs


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