Webcast: Leveraging Injury and Illness Data
to Improve Employee Training

This webcast will help attendees to better understand the connections between your organization's incident prevention and training programs.
*Please note, this webcast is informational only and is not eligible for CE credit 

Leveraging Injury and Illness Data to Improve Employee Training

Each year, with the advancement of data collection methods and tools, more and more safety data is available to safety professionals. But when you're flooded with information from disparate data streams, it can be hard to see the big picture.

Webcast Attendees Will Learn:

- How training impacts other areas of your organization's safety program

- How analyzing workplace incident data can help you to make improvements to employee training

- Why training is an important component of incident prevention 

- How EHS technology can help to break down your organization's isolated safety data silos 


About the Webinar Host: Clare Epstein

Clare Epstein is a General Manager at Vector Solutions and oversees IndustrySafe, a leading safety management software and Vector Solutions brand. Clare has over fifteen years of experience in assisting organizations with safety data analyses.